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California is a “No Fault” state when it comes to divorce, however, costly legal issues still arise that can impact you the rest of your life.


Prevailing in a divorce or child custody case is largely about discovering and obtaining relevant facts in a form that is compelling to the court and ADMISSIBLE in court.  It is not enough to state innuendo, or "everyone knows this" or otherwise use conjecture to establish a fact.  Facts are established by witnesses, documents and various forms of evidence.


First you need to retain a very good, specialized licensed investigator.   When making this choice, take into consideration California does not have pre-license educational requirements for private investigator applicants, nor does the state require continuing education once licensed.  A very small fraction of the state licensed P.I.s have formal education in litigation, leaving the majority of P.I.s clueless when it comes to knowledge of the elements of a legal issue.  


What does this mean to you?  At the very least, possibly wasted time and money on a worthless, aimless investigation. On the other hand, it could mean an adverse legal decision that could impact you the rest of your life and worse, the possibility of exposure to civil liability for the tortious acts of an untrained investigator.


Any private investigator can be used to determine if adultery exists ... that's a no brainer.   However, in litigation, you need a trained licensed investigator specializing in Family Law matters.  A specialized Family Law investigator can be invaluable in complex matters such as child custody and visitation cases, contempt cases, on the issue of finding hidden property, and in support cases when it becomes necessary to track someone who is lying about their employment and income.


The LEGAL SUPPORT INVESTIGATIVE SERVICE utilizes decades of investigative experience and trained Paralegal expertise to provide you with a focused and cost effective investigation with reduced liability.


The trained licensed investigators at LSIS understand the legal issues and their elements, the rules of evidence and how to present this evidence in the form of credible reports supported by evidence and courtroom testimony.  They also know the codified laws and case laws that govern our actions, with a firm understanding of liability, protecting our client's from exposure to liability.


LSIS has been successfully employed as part of a legal strategy to win innumerable cases that otherwise may have been up in the air as to their results or would have been extremely challenging to prove.


We rely on specialized Paralegal and Investigative training in:


California Family Law

Civil Procedures

Legal Research

Legal Writing

Domestic Violence

Child Abuse & Neglect

Privacy Laws


Additionally, we receive legal updates and ongoing continuing education through membership with paralegal and investigative associations.


Law firms repeatedly use LSIS based on trust. A trust derived from results, investigative & legal knowledge, professionalism, reliability and integrity.


For more information about our services, please visit our Family Law brochure and call or email for a free consultation and case evaluation.  


FAMILY LAW BROCHURE    (pdf format)




We look forward to working with you.


Randall Alexander




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