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LSIS is the smart move!


"We have had great success with Randall Alexander. He is an ex-Marine, is also a Paralegal and very honest.  I would recommend him any time for any investigation problem."

George R. Hillsinger, Esq.

Kern & Gonzalez

Martindale-Hubbell AV rated




"You did a fabulous job for us, and your professionalism will always be greatly appreciated."  

Patricia M. Tazarra, Esq.

Montedonico, Belcuore & Tazzara, P.C.  




I’m a military combat veteran of multiple campaigns. I was engaged in a long and difficult custody/support battle, which frequently required an attorney to appear for me while I was deployed.


Due to my dire financial status as an active duty serviceman with growing legal costs, Randall volunteered to help in my case, being a veteran himself.


Randall found several issues with my ex-wife’s declaration and multiple income documents (Income & Expense Declarations). Randall was able to determine that my ex was actually living in a relative’s townhouse as opposed to paying rent. Amongst several other misrepresentations my ex made to the court, Randall also determined my ex was not attending college despite the fact she claimed to be a full time student which supposedly prevented her from working.


Randall’s investigation gave my attorney the ammunition he needed to demonstrate my ex was lying to the court and reduce my support obligation.


Randall is a consummate professional and tenacious in his search for facts. I would recommend his services without reservation.

Brandon P.

Family Law Litigant




“Dear Randall, I just don’t have the words to say Thank You enough for so successfully taking care of my case with such talent and determination.  Your kindness combined with your professionalism convinced me I made the right choice in a P.I. “


Civil Litigant




“Randall assisted our firm in the trial of a complex personal injury case arising out of a civil battery. Numerous witnesses had provided multiple, often conflicting statements to the responding police officers, and later to detectives, an insurance investigator, and in depositions.


We employed Randall for both his Paralegal and Investigative expertise to review, compare and contrast all statements and deposition testimony.  He found repeated contradictions in the defense witness statements, allowing me to effectively attack the credibility of these defense witnesses at trial. Additionally, Randall took photographs of the scene and created a scene diagram which we enlarged for use in trial which visually demonstrated the witness locations with measured distances from the incident, supporting our case.


Randall's work in both contexts was exceptional, as was his reliability, integrity and professionalism.  I would not hesitate to recommend Randall in either capacity in any civil or criminal litigation.”

John C. Adams III, Esq.

Martindale-Hubbell AV rated




Dear Randall, I wanted to thank you and your team, for all the great assistance you have given me.  You are extremely intelligent, a great communicator, and excellent to work with. You accomplished everything I asked for and more. I am happy we are still working together, and I know good things will come to fruition.  Thanks again.

Adrienne Rogers

Crime Victim




"You've taken an industry (Private Investigations) and turned it into a profession."

Gerald L. Klein, Esq.

Certified Family Law Specialist




Randall, I just want to express my sincerest gratitude for taking such good care of me.


Your investigation of (financial fraud suspect) revealed all the red flags, exposing him as a fraud which saved me tens of thousands. I feel so grateful. Thank you so much.

Carole Markee

Financial Fraud Investigation




"Thank you for providing a professional and prompt service.  In one day, you were able to identify our employee theft problem, allowing us to take immediate action."  

Jay Malloy

Dealership Auto Service Center Manager




Hiring Randall of LSIS was the best choice I made during my custody battle. In an increasingly volatile situation, I needed someone I could trust and rely on to provide me the extra support I needed to ensure my family’s safety.


Not long after hiring Randall, my worst nightmare came true. My son was kidnapped by the other parent across state lines. Randall’s experience as a former law enforcement officer enabled him to quickly gain the respect and attention of the sheriff’s department in the town my son was taken to. Almost immediately, my son was identified by local police, which gave me the direct proof I needed to obtain the court orders that reunited me with my son within two weeks of the kidnapping. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to be reunited with my son, if ever, without Randall’s experience and ability to act quickly.


Randall proactively thinks through difficult situations to identify what services he can provide that will most effectively build his client’s case. He will not suggest something that he does not believe will benefit his client’s goals. The written reports Randall and LSIS produce are strong, concise, and detailed in order to communicate the facts exactly as they have occurred. And because Randall stresses the importance of getting the approval of an attorney before acting, he will be a welcomed addition to any team of legal experts.


It is his commitment to excellence that makes Randall and LSIS the biggest investment someone can make to ensure the success of their legal case.

Brian L.

Family Law Client




"Your P.I. work was the reason that this case was dismissed without any payment to (plaintiff)."

Joseph Montedonico, Esq.

Montedonico, Belcuore & Tazzara, P.C.  




"Thank you, Randall. My ex was endangering my children whenever he recklessly rode with one of them on his motorcycle.  He (and his attorney) stipulated to no longer use the motorcycle as a means of transportation because of your investigation."

Karen M.

Orange County




"(Client)'s ex-husband is nearly $100,000 in arrears in child support, claiming to make only $900 per month. Thanks to your investigation it was determined that he actually earned 1.2 million real income for the year. Our entire case was based on your investigation."

Linda Patricia Horner, Esq.

Family Law Attorney




"Thank you for a splendid job disproving the horrendous and false allegations made by (another P.I.) and bringing the truth to light."

Beverly & Alan Copeland

Orange County




“Randall, your heartfelt kindness is deeply appreciated. You go above and beyond what you're asked to do, and what a rare, almost non-existent quality that is in today's world.”

Charlotte Adams, Esq.

Adoption Choices Law Center




“Randall, I need to apologize for not letting you know earlier just how much it means to me for your support throughout my ordeal and everything you did for me!  I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your part in all of this. You've been a blessing!”

S. Makris

Los Angeles




"(Opposing party) was seeking an increase in child support. Not only did she drop all requests for additional support, her attorney stipulated to NO monthly support to keep your investigative report out of the court record after it was revealed that she was earning substantial unreported income."

Stephen A. Gershman, Esq.

Certified Family Law Specialist




"Randall solved the burglary problem plaguing my business resulting in criminal convictions in nearly every case. Based on results alone, I would recommend The Legal Support Investigative Service without hesitation."

Brian R.

Business Owner




"(Opposing party) was not supposed to be driving their community asset, a GMC Denali SUV, after losing her license from a DUI.  Your work revealed she willfully violated a court order, was driving without a license and she lied in her declaration. Great job!"

Johanna Dreisbach, Esq.

Family Law Attorney




"My money was well invested in you.  Your detailed cohabitation investigation and report had a direct impact, putting an end to the alimony payments from my divorce."

Matt T.

Los Angeles




“We were able to prevail in our client’s case, thanks in large part to the investigation and report compiled by The Legal Support Investigative Service.  Randall Alexander did a great job uncovering critical details in our case which netted positive results for our client.

Randall is professional, dependable, and detail-oriented.”

Allison E. Burns, Esq.

Corporate Attorney




"Your investigation and report in (client's cohabitation) case was fantastic."

Patrick A. McCall, Esq.

Certified Family Law Specialist




“You did a great job for us.  We settled the case for a fraction of what (plaintiff) was seeking thanks to your investigation and detailed report.”

Napoleon G. Tercero, Esq.

Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C.




We were thankful and fortunate to be referred to Randall Alexander of LSIS.  He video taped the mother of my son drinking and driving on several occasions while she had custody, violating our court order.  She was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence during the investigation.

My attorney was able to get court ordered monitored visitation at the ex-parte hearing thanks to Randall’s thorough and detailed work.

B. R.  

Family Law Client




I have known and worked with Randall Alexander of the Legal Support Investigative Service in a professional capacity, where we engaged his services in a complex civil matter.  Randall demonstrated professionalism and tenacious attention to detail in his approach to our client's case.  His investigative results and report, accompanied with evidence, was the basis of our case against the defendant.     

Needless to say, our client (municipal government) was very pleased with the investigation and disposition of the litigated matter.  I strongly recommend The Legal Support Investigative Service based on their professionalism, quality of work and dependability.

Jennifer Yu, Esq.

Corporate Attorney